Alliance of Associations Polish Green Network

Zwiazek Stowarzyszen Polska Zielona Siec (Polska Zielona Siec – PZS) – Alliance of Associations Polish Green Network (Polish Green Network – PGN) is a national alliance of 10 strongest environmental and sustainable development associations and foundations based in the largest cities of Poland (Warszawa, Krakow, Lodz, Wroclaw, Lublin, Bialystok, Bielsko-Biala, Torun, Szczecin, Poznan) and a few partners (Warszawa, Wroclaw, Gliwice). PGN regularly cooperates with about 30 civic society organizations.

PGN was created in 1995 and registered in 2000. It is headquartered in Warsaw, with additional offices in Krakow and Szczecin. Number of employees: full time – 10 people, part time – 10 people.

The main areas of its activities are advocating for social and environmental justice within sustainable development, establishing social control mechanisms over public funds, increasing consumers impact on multinational corporations, building public support for development and providing development assistance in the Global South countries and Eastern Europe.

Since 2002 PGN has had experience in advocacy and promotion of renewable and community-based energy, just transition of coal-depentent regions, energy efficiency, air quality, responsible consumption, Fair Trade and development education.

PGN is a leading sustainable development network in Poland, making it one of the few NGOs in Poland able to work across all regions of the country.

We act for the sake of nature, people and development.

Our main programmes include:
Buy Responsibly! Campaign
Action for Global South
For the Climate
Funds for Sustainable Development (bankwatch.org)
Green Partnership in Eastern Europe

Polish Green Network is a member of international NGO networks:
CEE Bankwatch Network, ANPED and SFTEAM,

as well as national networks:
Polish NGO Federation, Zagranica Group, Fair Trade Coalition, Climate Coalition and Coalition of Polish Environmental NGOs for EU Funds.

EuropeAid ID nr.: PL-2008-BHR-1103013401

Nationality: Polish

Type of actor (NSA or LA): Non State Actor (NSA)